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SignaRoad Access Mats


SignaRoad™ by Spencer, is an innovative new ground protection mat system designed to create medium-duty temporary roadways, pedestrian walkways or floor areas quickly and easily.

Constructed from high-specification 100% virgin HDPE composite material, SignaRoad™ mats are strong enough to withstand heavy loads and versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications.

Whether it’s a vehicle accessway for a remote utility repair project, or a footpath for concert or music festival, with its advanced design features and easy-to-use connection system, SignaRoad™ provides a top-quality, short-term and secure ground protection system that’s easy to install and remove. It can also be used to create a sturdy and uniform temporary area to improve working conditions and reduce the risks that are associated with working on unstable surfaces.

SignaRoad™ mats are unique in their construction: one side features a pattern profile for vehicle transit, while the reverse features a non-slip design for pedestrian use. The mats are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be used hundreds of times and installed with minimal ground preparation over grass, gravel, sand, soil, concrete, asphalt, ice, snow, mud and other surfaces.

Mat dimensions: 2.08m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)
Useable platform: 1.88m (L) x 2.84m (W) x 6.35cm (D)
Useable roadway: 1.88m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)
Weight per mat: 219 kgs
Weight - loading: 280 tonnes sq/m
Transportation: 90 mats per container/wagon & drag / 118 per flat bed UK/European lorry

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