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Plastic Mats

Plastic MatsSpencer’s plastic mats – also know as composite mats - are an effective alternative to timber mats for certain applications.

They are light, durable and take up less space, which makes storage and transportation efficient, plus they are easy to deploy and retrieve on site.

Plastic mats are designed to protect rather than support and provide an effective solution when needing to cross soft ground and grass, including lawns and sportsfields. They also provide excellent protection for agricultural applications, such as crossing newly seeded sections of land or areas where vehicles are likely to get bogged down.

Spencer’s composite range of mats are ideal for events, such as country shows and music festivals, where temporary walkways, car parks and standing areas are a necessity when dealing with large numbers of people and intense movements of traffic over short periods of time.

Although strong enough to cater for the traversing of cars, commercial vehicles and small to medium-size plant, plastic mats are not suitable when heavy equipment is being used, or when a high volumes of traffic need to traverse the temporary roadway. They are also not suitable for rough, undulating or water-logged sites. For these applications, Spencer recommends the use of timber mats.

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