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Forestry Services

maincrop-542d2af2bbef4Cutting1Ever since the company was founded, Spencer has been contracted to carry out a wide range of tree and forestry work in a variety of woodland sites: from small private plantations through to extensive commercial areas, including those owned and governed by the Forestry Commission.

During this time, Spencer has continued to invest in the latest plant and equipment, enabling it to carry out its operations in a highly effective and efficient manner. All aspects of forestry work are covered, from harvesting and processing, right through to transportation from site and, if required, storage and bio fuel production.

As well as the management of trees and timber processing, Spencer is also well-versed in the clearance of woodland areas, including those that contain juvenile crops with no commercial value. The Spencer forestry team is able to prepare the area in readiness for future development – such as the installation of wind or solar farms - as well as implement landscaping or planting schemes.

Spencer considers it a privilege to work in locations that are regarded as important areas of conservation, recreation and beauty and therefore takes its environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. Because of this, the company adopts a policy to work in the most ecologically sound and sustainable way possible and possesses the credentials to prove it.


Services Include

  • Harvesting

  • Felling

  • Logging

  • Brash baling

  • Mulching

  • Stump removal

  • Clearance

  • Preservation

  • Maintenance

  • Storage

  • Transportation

  • Bio fuel production