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Emtek Mats

Emtek MatsFor long-term projects and, in particular, heavy-duty applications, Spencer recommends the use of emtek mats.

These are constructed by bolting laminates and hardwoods together, the result providing an extremely strong, impact resistant mat that remains stable. This method of manufacture also means they are less than half the thickness of conventional mats and, measuring 2.5 x 5 metres they are easier to install and handle and more efficient to transport.

The emtek product was first developed at the University of Maine in 2001. The original research and design work was intended to produce a high strength wood composite made from a low-grade hardwood resource for residential and light commercial building applications. The product that resulted not only achieved high strength from low-grade material, but was also highly durable in industrial environments because of the laminated hardwood. These qualities saw emtek mats used in aggressive industrial environments.

Control of the raw material density and the elimination of the wood’s natural defects during the manufacturing process are major factors as to why emtek mats have a hard and impact resistant surface. Added to this, the laminating process creates a composite structure that resists fracture.

Predictable and reliable rigidity and strength is important for the safety of workers and equipment and emtek products exceed industry standards. In fact, each mat is tested before it leaves the factory and is supplied with a calculation confirming the maximum amount of loading it is capable of supporting.

Emtek mats are suitable for the following applications:
• Temporary roadways
• Access across soft or waterlogged land
• Hard-standing surface protection
• Pedestrian Walkways
• Pipeline tracks
• Traffic access
• Parking areas
• Plant movement
• Utility protection
• Crane platforms
• Sea defence construction
• Piling operations
• Rail protection
• Bridges

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