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Demolition & Reclamation

DemolitionDemolition is another operation which Spencer regards as one of its specialities. Often carried out when clearing a brownfield site, the company has regularly been called in to demolish buildings, roads and structures which may constitute a serious hazard


Fully conversant with the requirements of demolition operations and regulations, Spencer will initially visit the site, assess the level of work involved and submit a report to the client. Each aspect of the demolition process is considered to ensure that health and safety issues remain paramount and, wherever possible, waste materials are recycled.

Having worked with contractors for many years, Spencer is very much aware of the importance of deadlines, especially when the demolition of a structure constitutes the early stages of a construction project.


With Spencer adopting a stringent ethos of sustainability throughout the company, recycling is an important factor of its day-to-day operations. Therefore, when surveying a demolition project, Spencer will draw up a list of items that can be reclaimed. This can range from roof tiles and wooden beams, to fireplaces and ornaments.

The removal and recycling of these items can be discussed with the owner or contractor, who may wish to retain the salvaged items or alternatively, request that Spencer takes care of the reclamation from start to finish.

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