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Crushing & Screening

CrushingWith site clearance and maintenance a regular operation carried out by Spencer, as well as the removal and recycling of trees and vegetation, the company also handles the clearance of hard-waste as part of its wide range of services.

To carry out these tasks efficiently and effectively, Spencer has the expertise and equipment to ensure that all waste materials are processed, handled and disposed of in the most viable and environmentally appropriate way possible.

The company is often called-in to clear brown-field sites in advance of construction work taking place. This can involve demolition of remaining structures, the removal of roads, concrete installations and hard-core, plus the reclamation of any recyclable items.

Once the site is cleared, Spencer are then able to prepare the land and, if necessary, re-deploy hard core, planings or soil, as required, in readiness for the construction project to take place.

We take the disposal of waste materials very seriously. Our strict sustainability policy applies to all operations and we are very proud of the fact that all by-products generated from our work are recycled - a factor which is helped by our on-going investment in modern equipment. We also understand our clients wishes on this subject and are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements to ensure other company policies and standards are maintained.

Services Include

  • Concrete crushing

  • Asphalt planing

  • Screening and grading

  • Creation and deployment of topsoil

  • Removal of waste from site

  • Disposal and recycling