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maincrop-542d3aa952237SpencerParley1_6Spencer offers the supply and installation of a range of versatile and durable trackway (also known as access mats, timber mats, track mats and bog mats) and temporary roadways.

Used as a simple and effective method of ensuring heavy plant and equipment can navigate across soft or boggy terrain, trackway protects the ground surface from excessive damage and increase efficiency by allowing traffic to flow without being impeded.

Spencer supplies trackway in a number of sizes for a variety of applications: from access mats that support cars and small mini-diggers, right through to large trucks and cranes of up to 250 tonnes. The company will advise on the most suitable solution for each purpose ensuring that the installation can adequately cope with the loadings that are likely to be applied and that costs are kept to a minimum.

As well as traditional hardwood trackway mats, Spencer is able to supply a range of ultra-durable and extremely strong emtek laminated mats. These are capable of supporting greater loads per square metre, which makes them easier to transport and install.

Whilst timber mats are ideal for steel-tracked vehicles, as they withstand the pressure and possibility of damage, for applications where high volumes of traffic or in cases where the terrain dictates, Spencer also provides a range of aluminium trackway for hire.

Added to this, Spencer offers a range of plastic trackway (also know as composite trackway or mats) that provides a lightweight option to protect grass, seeded fertile land or soft ground and are ideal for short-term temporary use for roadways, car parks and footpaths. This includes the innovative and recently introduced SignaRoad system.

Also available for protecting large areas that require the transit of vehicles or withstand heavy loads, Spencer is able to offer Geogrid: a high quality, heavy duty, ground reinforcement tile that can be filled with gravel, soil or grassed.

To guarantee best quality products, Spencer works closely with the sawmills providing the opportunity for mats to be produced for one-off applications and bespoke systems to suit client's specific requirements.

The company is also able to deliver the mats to the site, as well as off-loading, installation and the subsequent recovery, once the project is finished. This sees a provision of a full and comprehensive service that includes the supply of product, plant, operators and transportation.


Loading Type Dimensions
Up to 15 Tonnes Timber 5m x 1m x 70mm
  Plastic / SignaRoad
Various sizes – from pedestrian upwards. Please contact us for details
Up to 25 Tonnes Timber 5m x 1m x 100mm
  Emtek 2.4m x 4.8m x 75mm
Up to 40 Tonnes Timber 5m x 1m x 140mm
  Emtek 2.4m x 4.8m x 100mm
Up to 250 Tonnes   Please contact us for further details

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