maincrop-Bodmin1Spencer ECA is pleased to report that, in the past six months, it has experienced growth in its work within the renewable energy sector.

This increased activity has seen its involvement with major wind and solar energy installations stretch right across the country.

As the wind and then the solar energy markets have become more and more prevalent in the UK, so has the call on Spencer’s services. This is because the company’s capabilities and working practices are ideally suited to provide top-quality support for the contractors involved with these major construction projects.

Initially, it was the wind farm installations that required Spencer’s expertise and resources. But, following rapid expansion across the British Isles, solar is now an increasingly significant part of its work within the renewable energy sector.

Spencer is currently involved with over 20 installations in all four corners of the UK, providing site services for projects, from Cornwall to Scotland and East Anglia to Wales. Added to this are installations of various sizes in many other regions around the UK, with even more in the pipeline.

Whilst the requirement for Spencer’s services differs slightly at each of these locations, its work includes: consultation, site clearance, temporary and permanent roadways, working platforms, fencing, drainage, trenching, groundworks and the provision of on-site infrastructure.

“We have been delighted with the way in which our work in the renewable energy sector has grown in recent months”, explains Business Development Manager for Spencer ECA, Charlie Jukes. “We started by offering site services for a few small wind farms, but now we are involved with some of the biggest installations in the country.

“Consequently, we now offer a wide range of support services, which means a main contractor does not have to shop around and can take advantage of our extensive experience of wind and solar farm projects."