maincrop-54525bafde9e9spencerecagreendiggerWith increasing global populations, the demand for new homes has never been greater.

The commuter belt around London is always popular with new buyers, with easy access into the city.

Spencer was recently approached by housing developers, Berkeley St James, to undertake a tree clearance project as part of their latest development in High Wycombe. Keen to extend their forestry division into new areas, Spencer assessed the options and put in a tender for the work.

With a range of suitable machinery, expertise and knowledge, St James were pleased to offer the work to Spencer ECA and the project was started at the end of April.

The site itself was a historic wastewater treatment plant, with a selection of large Poplars and Ash trees interspersed with Wild Cherry and Sycamore. The majority of the trees had to be felled to ground level and were then mulched into woodchip. However, some had to be carefully coppiced as they were overhanging the adjacent access road and neighbouring gardens.

Spencer arrived on site with an AHWI mulcher, a six-tonne Doosan excavator, a 16-tonne Blade Runner excavator, a 3.5-tonne excavator and two large mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs). Prior to the felling, qualified climbers assessed the trees for any sign of bird nesting or bat activity.

Using the dedicated machinery and qualified operators, it took Spencer less than a week to fell and coppice the required trees and mulch the remaining vegetation to ground level.

St James praised Spencer for its hard work, professionalism and no-nonsense approach. The site is now ready for the next construction phase, with houses expected to be ready for occupation within the next 12-18 months.